Writing Style

I have to admit that I don’t recall seeing my particular style of writing anywhere else on the net.

I’ve struggled with the decision about how, exactly, I wanted to use this space. I haven’t done very much to it since the day I opened it and today I think I figured out why. Apparently it was waiting for me to discover all the reasons this blog, and this name, seemed to jump out at me while I was writing recently.

I remember when I bogged elsewhere that a favorite question of the blogging community was “why do you blog”? I’ve always thought that in answering that question, you can at least partially identify your writing style.

There are several reasons why I blog. The first being The Offspring and Little Diva.

I hope, one day, to turn this place into somewhere they can come to read and learn some of the history of my life, recipes, things I was interested in, the kind of work I do, or whatever. A place where they can get to know me from a different perspective, beyond Matriarch of our Tribe and more as the person I am.

Another is because blogging is free therapy, and this, I feel, explains a lot about how, and why, I write on a more personal level.

As you read through my blog, you will find posts written in only one voice, usually about day to day life, but there will be those that are written in what seems like two voices.

More on how The Altar Ego came to be in a post of its own.

Usually, Voice 1, my everyday voice, will be used more as a narrator to set a scene or, as I mentioned, in everyday posts.

Voice 2, The Altar Ego, is currently intended to appear most often when I write about the past or emotional/traumatic events.

I haven’t decided exactly how, or if I absolutely will, combine the voices in one post. I may keep them separate, I can’t be sure until I actually start writing and see what feels right.

You will come to see as you get to know me, that I’m eclectic, unique, prone to coloring outside the lines and not fond of rules beyond my own unless I’m working.

It seems only fitting that my writing style would reflect those traits as well.



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