Around the Compound

Some people you’ll see regularly:

JAB (Just Another Blogger), also called Bitch 1 – Your hostess with the mostest, author of Another Life, Another Blogger, Mystery Shopper by day, blogger by night.

I blog anonymously to protect my identity because of the work I do, but also for the sake of privacy for my Tribe, or the people I consider my family.

Altar Ego – Many people have an altar ego. Mine happens to write.

You hear a lot in the blogging community about writing in your “authentic voice”. It took me a long time to realize that I felt like I was struggling as a blogger because I was struggling between two “voices”. One, my everyday speaking voice and the voice you will notice I write most of my content in, and two, My Altar Ego. That is a voice you will hear when I’m emotional or reliving an emotional memory.

The Hubby – Obviously, the guy who puts up with this little bit of hot-mess. Husband of nearly 20 years and partner in crime.

The Offspring – My only biological child and my heart.

Little Diva – My only grandchild and my light in the darkness.

The Boy – The Offspring’s fiancé and Little Diva’s father.

Double Trouble or D&D – Our dogs, most often called furbabies. Adopted 4-legged children. D1 is oldest at about 4 years old. D2 is still a puppy and is almost 4 months old.

Bitch 2 – One of my best friends. Also a resident of The Compound.

Metal Man – Bitch 2’s husband, a great friend and a really interesting guy to talk to.

Kids 1, 2 and 3 – Bitch 2 and Metal Man’s kids.

Chiclet – One of our “adopted” kids and a good friend.

C– Chiclet’s significant other.

Bitch 3 – Newest addition to our tribe and has become like the 3rd amigo in our group.


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