27 Feb

That’s what they call people who live in an RV full-time, and that’s what we are.

Our home is a 25′ Fleetwood that is almost as old as I am. It’s currently in a state of remodeling that feels endless some days, but it’s home.

Even though we are not currently on the road, although we do plan to do that one day, it’s still not an easy way to live. Especially when your home is in disrepair and nearing 30.

We didn’t really plan for remodeling when we first discussed living in an RV all the time, and the job seemed overwhelming at first, but now we have a better idea of what we’re doing and things are moving, albeit slowly.

We just replaced all the plumbing. A daunting task indeed since we have only had running water in the kitchen sine we bought the place. Life has been lived on water bottles, hoses, solar water heating bags, borrowed showers and heating water on the stove until recently.

I got to take my first real hot shower since moving in and it was amazing. Amazing in a way that I think only someone who has lived without running hot water can fully appreciate.

We did discover a small leak that has to be repaired soon but it’s very minor, and we still haven’t quite gotten the toilet repaired, but overall, I’d have to call it a success.

There is still a lot to be done, but the things we have accomplished recently have made a huge difference.

In addition to the plumbing and hot water heater, we were also able to purchase a futon for the living room. The one pictured isn’t mine, but it’s the one we purchased from

We also got a tablet, which I’ve been really excited about, and our heater, that I thought was coming yesterday, ahead of the snow storm, wont actually be here until tomorrow.

I think I mentioned before that our camper is in my best friend’s front yard. It’s been interesting to see the looks on the delivery men’s faces when they realize the delivery isn’t going to her much larger, and more traditional, house. They get out of the truck and immediately head for her front door. When I emerge from the camper and they realize someone lives here, their looks are priceless.

We still need to run all new gas lines and do some remodeling and redecorating, but the difference in the vibe of the house has already changed drastically.

Now if I could just figure out where to put the laundry basket…

Until next time!

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Posted by on February 27, 2015 in Life


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